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Holistic Real Estate Private Equity Instruction for Outsiders by Insiders

Conquering Real Estate Private Equity requires more than rote Excel practice and interview prep. Our team of REPE insiders delivers the knowledge you need to conquer your job search and excel on the desk once you've landed your dream job. We share our insights from interviews with more than ten of the top funds in the business and synthesize years of buy-side deal experience to take you behind the scenes into the closely guarded world of Real Estate Private Equity. We tell it all, working from the ground up to take you from zero to REPE hero.



Thousands of hungry young professionals compete annually for coveted real estate private equity jobs. Each one wants to edge out the rest for the prestige, deal experience, and lucrative compensation (>$175,000 for a first-year analyst).

But it is extremely difficult to break into this industry…

…because REPE funds get their pick of the litter, and those who win have figured out the secret of getting a job in real estate private equity.

If you want to launch your career in REPE, the key is to focus NOT on learning the skills to DO the job, rather acquiring the skills to GET the job.

These are NOT the same skill

Your interviewer's job is to weed out the worst candidates. They will stress test you, confuse you,
and pull every trick they can to stump you so they can move onto
their next eager candidate.


They will quiz you on real estate fundamentals

real estate news

Test if you follow real estate news

real estate group

Hit you with challenging LBO models with severe time constraints

real estate math

Press your mental math with challenging brain teasers

real estate ability

Tax your ability to think on your feet and focus under stress

real estate knowledge

And test your knowledge of their fund’s history


They’ll assess your character


Watch your body language and tone of voice


Judge your qualities as a leader and teammate


Grade your presentation skills and ability to sell an investment thesis


And they’ll measure your worth to join their fund

The real estate private equity interview process is a relentless ordeal that will quickly
reject you if you have not prepared to weather the storm

Abraham Lincoln
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax"
Abraham Lincoln

To sharpen your ax, you need to shadow the successes of those who have already conquered the real estate private equity interview process. Only then will you learn every little trick, shortcut, and industry secret you need to best your competition: thousands of talented young financiers hungry for your job.

We know this process, and we know how to win. Once you have insider knowledge, the daunting REPE interview process will seem like a cakewalk.

Where others will crack under pressure, you will maintain a cool and collected attitude.

When others are racing the clock in their Excel case study, you'll breeze through your clockwork LBO model.

THE BOTTOM LINE? To conquer real estate private equity, you must know everything...

...and that means you need to find the one place that has everything.

Real Estate Private Equity Firms

About Us

Leveraged Breakdowns provides career development resources for professionals aspiring to enter into or improve their standing within the world of Real Estate Private Equity We aim to teach Investment Underwriting as an empirical process of discovery, analysis, and experimentation through trial and error.

Our program is informed by countless interactions with students and sell-side career switchers who felt a strong disconnect between their prep courses and live interviews. Namely, we found that the available prep courses skim over the true depth of the Investment Underwriting Process in favor of narrow Excel walk-throughs and trite career tips.

Unfortunately, such surface-level instruction falls short when challenged in rigorous interviews and modeling case studies, let alone real-world underwriting post-hire. We prepare our students for the unpredictable world of Real Estate Private Equity not with a narrow band of modeling skills and technical explanations, but through rigorous engagement that emphasizes a holistic understanding of Investment Underwriting.


Great Introduction to All Things REPE

“The courses offered by Leveraged Breakdowns are a great introduction to all things REPE. Although I had some knowledge regarding LBO modeling, there were many specificities found in this course such as Tax Assessments, Renovation Schedules, and Insurance Costs, which I have never seen covered elsewhere. Leveraged Breakdowns also has a great video which covers equity waterfalls. The moderators on the site are very helpful and approachable and in fact, offered me direct advice when my model was broken. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in Real Estate Private Equity modeling.

Michael J.

Leveraged Breakdowns is the Best and Only Platform To Prepare for REPE/REIB

"Leveraged breakdowns is the best and only platform for someone who wants to prepare for a career in Real Estate Private Equity or Real Estate Investment Banking. The courses are intuitive, the content is digestible, and the interview guide has been invaluable."

Ryan C

Immersive Real Estate Private Equity Courses Inspired by Deep Industry Experience

“Coming from a background of several years in the industry but with holes in my understanding of real estate acquisitions, the course helped fill in the gaps and finally granted me that “aha” moment. I found the videos and lectures to be not only comprehensive of what real-life PE underwriting looks like, but straightforward enough and easy to follow for the layman as well. If you’re looking for the specific tools you’ll need to breeze through the modeling test, or simply trying to go on to build or strengthen your own acquisition model, I could not recommend anything else. What finally sold me on the merits of the course, was being extended an offer for a senior analyst position at a widely known equity shop. I rocked the modelling test and had confidence in my final recommendation; a direct result working with Lev.”

Greg G.


“Did the program, absolutely fantastic. As someone who is a student of and works in re finance, I have to say that Leveraged Breakdowns is very comprehensive. The LBO model is the best explanation I have seen for a 1 hour type pe case study, and exactly what I have been asked in pe interviews. The program is no “b.s.” exactly what you need to know with no unnecessary, and time wasting fluff. With any questions about the program.”

Undergraduate Student in CRE Program

Easy to jump in, leaps ahead of other courses

"This information and modeling training is awesome. You made it very easy to just jump in and starting learning. I purchased a real estate modelling course (think WallStreet Prep or BIWS) and I think that your course is leaps ahead of those courses. They take forever to get to the modeling and are extremely difficult to stay focused (mainly because it is quite boring), where you just jump right in and teach us how to do it from scratch. Just wanted to say thanks for the info you have provided and at a really great cost as well."

Ryan M

Excellent Program with Nuanced Instruction

“Leveraged Breakdowns has created an excellent program with nuanced instruction on real estate private equity – it’s very clear that they have both insider perspective and experience with a megafund, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry. Their ability to explain real estate LBO modeling and the supplemental source documents was huge for my understanding of real estate, and the structure/purpose of financial modeling itself. Honestly, I would even recommend Leveraged Breakdowns’ program to someone who is ambivalent about pursuing REPE at all. Last but definitely not least, their 1-on-1 mentoring calls were exceptionally helpful for me to stay level-headed and have objective direction while navigating the stressful, ever-accelerated process of recruiting.”

Kevin L.

Slam Dunk for REPE Interview Prep

1 .The entire package is a slam dunk for breaking into the REPE industry; it over-prepared me for the interview process. The courses flipped my brain to begin thinking like an analyst and honed my technical excel skills.
2. Leveraged Breakdowns has everything you need and nothing that you don’t
3. Every single keystroke shown in the videos has meaning. Leveraged Breakdowns explains why it is important and also how it rolls up into the bigger picture. This style of teaching resonates with me.

E. B.

This course represents a small upfront investment—distilling years of interview and career experience—to launch your lucrative career in REPE

Entry-level real estate private equity jobs may boast north of $175,000 all-in compensation

Leveraged Breakdowns

I was invited to complete a case study for a CMBS position without much prior knowledge on Real Estate. I enrolled in the course which got me up to speed on how to value the collateral, interpret the capital structure, and forecast a reversion value of the property given I am the last piece in the capital stack to be paid and more. What made Leveraged Breakdowns different was they went the extra mile in building an example CMBS model for me to use alongside my case study. This made building my actual model a breeze as I always had something to refer back to. Lev also made himself available for a phone call to explain exactly what my deliverables would be and to answer any questions I had. If I was stuck on anything, all I had to do was reach out.

William R.
Recent Graduate / UIUC
Leveraged Breakdowns

Leveraged Breakdowns is a fantastic program and is the ultimate preparation vehicle for Real Estate Private Equity. The pace at which the program progresses is perfect and is neither too fast nor too slow. The material covers both concepts and real estate specific financial modeling and has all the necessary details without unnecessary fluff. The "simple LBO model" training is perfect for technical interview case studies and is identical to what has been asked of me at various buy-side interviews. The program is worth every cent and I consider it one of the best purchases I ever made.

Walter S.
Undergraduate Student / NYU
Leveraged Breakdowns

Leveraged Breakdowns is a professional in the business. His videos and 1 on 1 help have been incredibly helpful in landing interviews and crushing case studies. No matter what you need he has a vast knowledge about real estate to be able to help you. I have been searching for something like this program for a couple months now and this is by far the best you can find out on the internet. I really have learned so much with his videos and walkthrough of LBOs and CMBS case study. I would recommend this for anyone going through the job hunt now or about to be.

Devin T.
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