Leveraged Breakdowns


$29.00 / month


The Complete Bundle


(One-time purchase for 3 months course access + guides download)
  • Best value, includes all four of our flagship products listed below as one bundle
  • 3 months of access to our course membership
  • You get to keep each guide guide forever once downloaded
  • Subscription does not recur after three months

Modeling Course Subscription


(per month)

  • Necessary skills for any undergraduate or junior professional interviewing for ANL/ASO roles in REPE
  • Monthly access to ever-expanding catalogue of educational video lectures
  • Learn from industry veterans with >$15B direct asset-level acquisition and public M&A experience
  • Model from scratch, develop fluency with must-know corporate finance fundamentals
  • Learn Excel tips, tricks, and shortcuts to move lightning fast through any case study or investment model
  • Develop an investment thesis from raw data used by true REPE professionals
  • Access to the “crash course” REPE Starter Kit (~2hrs video content)
  • Access to the “deep dive” Breaking Down REPE Course (~7hrs video content)

Technical Interview Guide


(one-time purchase)

  • 41-page technical interview guide, learn to:
  • Demonstrate fluency with each major sector and their core strengths and weaknesses
  • Thoroughly explain the relationship between cap rates and risk
  • Quickly compare and contrast two investment opportunities regardless of sector or geography
  • Manipulate accounting and financial metrics common in real estate private equity
  • Convincingly highlight the merits of investing in real estate
  • Analyze and recommend the appropriate credit strategy for any particular deal
  • Intelligibly discuss the intricacies of development underwriting
  • Unique PDF download that you keep forever, purchase grants access to updates and revisions for one year

Mental Math Guide


(one-time purchase)

  • 10-page Mental Math Guide with 20 real estate finance questions that are commonly asked in technical interviews for real estate firms
  • Detailed explanations that show you how to approach these questions and explain the underlying concepts
  • Supplement to our Technical Interview Guide, which covers real estate interview questions more broadly
  • Material includes unlevered and levered IRR, cash-on-cash return, multiple on capital, comparing risk and return across deals, etc.
  • Guide also comes with a useful real estate returns calculator in Excel so that you can easily check your work
  • After working through this guide you’ll be fully prepared you to ace any technical question that requires quick thinking or mental math

Sector Series Guide


(one-time purchase)

  • Nine sector guides (5-10 pages each): detailing the following sectors — Industrial, Single-Family Rental, Data Centers, Self Storage, Office, Hotel, Retail, Multifamily, and Net Lease
  • One 20-page summary piece: get up to speed quickly with our quick-to-digest guide highlighting the key elements of each sector and the “most important chart” for each sector
  • Comp sheet: one-page comp sheet with the key metrics for each sector
  • Each guide is part sector primer and part sector update, detailing the fundamentals and the latest trends in the sector
  • Data-First Philosophy: all narrative themes supported by data from industry-leading sources

Construction Loan Guide


(one-time purchase)

  • 53 pages step-by-step detail on how a lender originates, underwrites, and administers a large scale construction loan
  • Real-world case study with self-study quizzes for each section, with additional 11-page answer key
  • The capital stack, its typical components, and repayment priority
  • Typical construction lenders, including commercial banks and government sponsored entities
  • What a lender looks for in a borrower, including who they are, their experience, and their finances
  • What a guarantor is, why they are required, typical guarantee structures, and their importance
  • The typical sources of repayment in a construction loan and how they are evaluated
  • How a lender evaluates loan collateral including location, absorption, finishes, and pre-sales/pre-leases
  • Loan covenants, what they are and why they matter
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