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Construction Loan Guide


The Leveraged Breakdowns Construction Loan Guide is designed to provide readers with a step by step overview of how a lender originates, underwriters, and administers a large scale construction loan. Specifically, we review:

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  • The capital stack, its typical components, and repayment priority
  • What a construction loan is, how they are unique, and the major steps in the origination process
  • Typical construction lenders, including commercial banks and government sponsored entities
  • What a lender looks for in a borrower, including who they are, their experience, and their finances
  • What a guarantor is, why they are required, typical guarantee structures, and their importance
  • The typical sources of repayment in a construction loan and how they are evaluated
  • How a lender evaluates loan collateral including location,absorption, finishes, and pre-sales/pre-leases
  • Loan covenants, what they are and why they matter

In addition, we provide knowledge checks at the end of each chapter to ensure that you are able to recognize the key points and retain the most important information.

So, download this guide today and impress your colleagues with your detailed construction lending knowledge and put yourself in the best position to succeed at work.


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