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Sector Series Guide


  • Nine sector guides (5-10 pages each): covering the following sectors — Industrial, Single-Family Rental, Data Centers, Self Storage, Office, Hotel, Retail, Multifamily, and Net Lease
  • One 20-page summary piece: get up to speed quickly with our quick-to-digest guide highlighting the key elements of each sector and the “most important chart” for each sector
  • Comp sheet: one-page comp sheet with the key metrics for each sector
  • Each guide is part sector primer and part sector update, covering the fundamentals and the latest trends in the sector
  • Data-First Philosophy: all narrative themes supported by data from industry-leading sources
  • Some key insights covered in the guides:
  • Macro-economic drivers, such as the outsized impact of age demographics on the multifamily and single-family rental sectors
  • Cross-sector comparisons, like how retail rents have stagnated recently while industrial rents have soared
  • Granular insight on emerging trends, including remote work’s  impact on office and hotels
  • Unpacked complexities, such as how robust data center demand has not fueled outsized data center rent growth


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