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Leveraged Breakdowns Presents:

Breaking Down Real Estate Private Equity

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Great Introduction to All Things REPE

“The courses offered by Leveraged Breakdowns are a great introduction to all things REPE. Although I had some knowledge regarding LBO modeling, there were many specificities found in this course such as Tax Assessments, Renovation Schedules, and Insurance Costs, which I have never seen covered elsewhere. Leveraged Breakdowns also has a great video which covers equity waterfalls. The moderators on the site are very helpful and approachable and in fact, offered me direct advice when my model was broken. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in Real Estate Private Equity modeling.” – Michael J.

Excellent Program with Nuanced Instruction

“Leveraged Breakdowns has created an excellent program with nuanced instruction on real estate private equity – it’s very clear that they have both insider perspective and experience with a megafund, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry. Their ability to explain real estate LBO modeling and the supplemental source documents was huge for my understanding of real estate, and the structure/purpose of financial modeling itself. Honestly, I would even recommend Leveraged Breakdowns’ program to someone who is ambivalent about pursuing REPE at all. Last but definitely not least, their 1-on-1 mentoring calls were exceptionally helpful for me to stay level-headed and have objective direction while navigating the stressful, ever-accelerated process of recruiting.” -Kevin L.

Cultivate deep technical skills that set you leagues ahead of your competition

“I have taken his course and I thought it was very beneficial…I am an Econ grad and the course helped me get up to speed on things like capital structure, valuing collateral, and forecasting a reversion value. He also provides his example excel models for you to work with. Additionally, he really does go the extra mile to make sure you are prepared.” –/u/BasedOnDelusion on Reddit

Conquer modeling tests heads on

“Had a modeling test during an interview today. It went exceedingly well and I attribute that to your course. Grade A material!” – Current CRE professional looking to lateral into REPE (prefers to remain anonymous)

This course includes the following:

  • Over seven hours of content distills years of interview and on-the-desk experience to shortcut your success in REPE
  • Learn fundamentals of Real Estate Private Equity, Finance, and Acquisition Modeling
  • Build full-scale acquisition model from scratch, no pre-baked templates
  • Ground-up detailed discussion of every concept you need to ace your REPE career
  • This is NOT just another Excel walk-through, this is hands-on mentorship through intuitive interaction with raw data and source documents
  • Develop the critical investor’s mindset to crush any interview and anticipate all technical and behavioral questions
  • Course designed as if you were looking over the shoulder of a senior REPE acquisition professional as they explain everything from financial theory to Excel shortcuts
  • Frequent quizzes to ensure you are on the right track
  • Designed for beginners and experienced career-switchers


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