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Leveraged Breakdowns Presents:

Real Estate Sector Series Guide

Are you looking to build your knowledge of each of the real estate sectors in a short timeframe? Want to dive into a couple of sectors that you haven’t studied in a while?
We have you covered. Our real estate sector guides cover everything from growth to value, from data centers to hotels. Most importantly, they are condensed down to the things that matter for each sector, so that you can glean the key elements in a short timeframe. Each guide is part sector primer and part sector update, covering the fundamentals and the latest trends in the sector.
The Leveraged Breakdowns Real Estate Sector Guide Series includes the following valuable resources:
  • Nine sector guides (5-10 pages each): detailing the following sectors — Industrial, Single-Family Rental, Data Centers, Self Storage, Office, Hotel, Retail, Multifamily, and Net Lease
  • One 20-page summary piece: get up to speed quickly with our quick-to-digest guide highlighting the key elements of each sector and the “most important chart” for each sector
  • Comp sheet: one-page comp sheet with the key metrics for each sector

Some key insights revealed in the guides:

  • Macro-economic drivers, such as the outsized impact of age demographics on the multifamily and single-family rental sectors
  • Cross-sector comparisons, like how retail rents have stagnated recently while industrial rents have soared
  • Intra-sector nuances like why leisure hotels have recovered while business hotels continue to lag, post-COVID
  • Granular insight on emerging trends, including remote work’s impact on office and hotels
  • Analysis on outperformers, how industries such as self-storage are growing in the double digits
  • Insight on potential threats, like why the net lease sector is most at risk in a rising rate environment
  • Unpacked complexities, such as how robust data center demand has not fueled outsized data center rent growth
You won’t find another product on the market with as much value at such a great price. We combined decades of real estate experience with thorough recent industry research and condensed it into a highly relevant tutorial. So save yourself time and check out our valuable sector guides today!
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