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Thanks for your watchful eye. The cash flows between the two videos “Forecast Entry and Exit Value” and “Forecast Real Estate Taxes” are the exact same. The forecast 6.6% UIRR was a holdover artifact from when I had just constructed the backend for the RE tax reassessment. When I went in to investigate your question, I checked that the model used for both videos had the same cash flows. When I refreshed, that 6.6% turned back to an 11%. I’ve carefully reviewed and revised the video to show the proper 11% return the entire time. Thanks!

Just a small note. It is good that you’re paying attention to the UIRR as we build the model, because it shouldn’t ever change unexpectedly. However, the UIRR is not meaningful until we’ve finished projecting all cash flows. I understand why you got hung up on this, but I assure you the continuity of the videos is sound and you can continue relying on the cash flows that you built.

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