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Leveraged Breakdowns

Why Does Leveraged Breakdowns Exist?

To an outsider, recruiting for a career in real estate private equity recruiting can seem opaque and confusing. I know because I’ve been there. Fast forward several years comprising tens of billions of dollars of acquisitions experience, and I’m here now to help you shortcut the initial confusion. Leveraged Breakdowns provides the head start I wish I had when I first started interviewing across real estate private equity firms.

What Leveraged Breakdowns Teaches You

Here is what I will teach you. I will teach you how to ace your interviews. I will teach you how to breeze through any case study. I will teach you how to crush your first year on the job. And most importantly, I will teach you how investors think. What you need to bring is a commitment to study consistently.

I remember being a confused outsider to REPE. There are so many unspoken rules and behavioral cues that are difficult if not impossible to anticipate as an outsider candidate with no personal or familial ties to the industry.

You Bring the Effort, We Show you What’s Worth Studying

Thus, the only way I was able to learn to interview was through brute force. I studied everything I could think of, not knowing until much later what was a complete waste of time. You may be in a similar position. Be it a full-time job or full-time course load, you likely don’t have many spare hours in the day to waste on studying the wrong stuff. So you’re either studying some of the right topics and some of the wrong topics, or you’re paralyzed to choose the “right path” to even begin studying.

We Are Your Insider Guide

Enter Leveraged Breakdowns, your insider guide to a notoriously exclusive and opaque, yet highly rewarding industry for those who can figure it out. We teach you not just the hard skills (technical questions, common behaviorals), but also the soft stuff — strategies and tips you should be aware of that will fast-track your interview process. Shortly put, Leveraged Breakdowns is the guide I wish I had back when I was an eager, yet completely novice outsider to this exclusive industry.

Effort is the Key Ingredient, Avoid the Lazy Traps

We can show you the most efficient path forward, but you alone walk it. There are a few lazy traps I always warn against. First, don’t just read this guide like a book. Actively practice the materials herein. You are preparing for a live interview setting with real real estate private equity firms, so practice in a manner that is most similar to a real interview. Ask yourself the questions out loud, answer the questions out loud without looking at the answers.

Second, network actively. Don’t just submit online applications and wait for a response. This isn’t college admissions, nobody has to even look at your online application. Online applications are the virtual equivalent of throwing your resume onto a stack of thousands of other resumes. Do you really think that’s the best approach? If you want a career in real estate private equity, you need to get on LinkedIn, get on email, get on a bike if you have to, and connect with real professionals working at the firms you’re interested in. Just start talking, put your name out there, and your odds of success will skyrocket.

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