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Learn from Your Interviews

Every Interview is a Learning Experience

The interview game is a learning process, and you can really only gain your sixth sense through live practice. There is nothing that compares to actually practicing with real life interviews for firms you want to work at. With that said, it’s natural to stumble on your first few attempts.

Nevertheless, each interview will teach you something new. You are sitting in front of experts working every day in real estate private equity jobs, so make use of the time you have with them. Ask questions to learn their views on current market trends, ask them what their favorite sectors are. Question the rationale behind their fund’s recent acquisitions and dispositions. Learn as much as you can, so you can walk into your next interview filled with extremely relevant, expert knowledge.

When you Fail, Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The interview process is an emotional rollercoaster. Most people flunk out for months, if not even a year or so, until they really start to hit their stride with their interviews. So make sure your head is in the right place when you go through this process. When you fail a process, don’t beat yourself up. Stay the course, remain diligent in your study, and never stop networking. You can learn from your mistakes, but don’t dwell on them. Real estate private equity for beginners is all about learning and practicing as much as you can.

From a cold rational perspective, losses are inevitable. But all you need to win is one job offer. Every time you go through a process, you get smarter. As you get smarter, your odds of success increase. This means the more you interview, the better you get. Don’t compare yourself to other friends that may receive real estate private equity job offers sooner than you.

Focus on What You Can Control, Accept What you Can’t

You are in control of your personal commitment to study, practice, and networking. You are not in control of your interviewer’s mood, the personality type the group wants, and other random details such as competing with a key client’s kid for the same position. Focus on improving what you can control, but accept that even the perfect candidate can be passed for arbitrary reasons.

Luck Favors Objects in Motion

Whatever the case, remember that luck favors objects in motion. You have to keep networking, keep meeting people, and keep increasing the likelihood that you will receive interview offers. Ultimately, one of the opportunities you uncover has to play out to your benefit. Instead of feeling bad if a process doesn’t work out, replace your malaise with a conviction to stay committed to daily practice.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t need to wear yourself out studying for eight hours each day. You’d be better off setting aside a quick fifteen minutes of consistent daily practice, or thirty minutes every other day. Real estate private equity for beginners is all about consistent study and preparation.

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